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DANIELS & ASSOCIATES, P.C. provides structural engineering consulting services for a wide variety of commercial, municipal, and institutional clients.

Professional services include analysis, design, special studies, and construction  administration, utilizing finite element design programs, CAD and BIM. 

Project types include, but are not limited to, new construction and renovation for:

Schools                           Office Buildings                            
Airport Facilities              Convention Centers   
Laboratories                    Community Centers
Churches                        Pedestrian Bridges
Libraries                          Stormwater Utilities   
Hospitals                         Water Treatment Facilities
Museums                        Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Parking Decks                 Fish Ladders

DANIELS & ASSOCIATES, P.C. is well versed in the design of all major structural materials. Economical and feasible solutions are an integral part of our designs. 

DANIELS & ASSOCIATES, P.C. is committed to quality and expediency in its engineering services.

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